Copywriter vs Content Writer: Which one does your business need for best results?

Copywriter vs Content Writer: Which one does your business need for best results?

By Daniella Wade

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   Are you struggling to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing? It's not your fault. There's tons of misinformation popping up online daily. So it's getting more complicated to understand what each function does. Businesses looking for talented writers are also unintentionally muddying up the job descriptions. When you hire the right people for the wrong job, it can only spell disaster for your business.

Copywriters and content writers are an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. But for different purposes. So I'm going to simplify both functions in an easy-to-remember format. At the end of this post, you'll not only understand who does what but, you'll never hire the wrong person again

Your Two Major Business Needs

Regardless of the size or stage, your business needs to perform two key Income Producing Activities (IPAs). These are the lifeblood of your existence, categorized as either marketing or sales activities. Marketing, the execution of brand-building strategies, brings consumer awareness to the market. This is how your company lets buyers know that there's something new to consider. Sales activities, on the other hand, refer to the process that leads to transactions. These take place after a consumer has been made aware of a particular brand, product, or service.

Your business always needs to be creating visibility and converting that attention to beneficial action. In simpler terms, you need to tell more people about what your business does and sell them more of what it offers.

Marketing and sales are two separate functions that often get confused. Probably because small businesses and entrepreneurs usually combine the role to be performed by one person. But now that we've isolated the function of each, it's easy to understand the importance of both, not just one. We can appreciate how they both work together to drive profitability for companies.

So, let's associate marketing and sales with content writers and copywriters. Both writers can be found working in the marketing department. But, consider content writers your marketers, and copywriters your salespeople in print.

Copywriter vs Content Writer

Copywriters and content writers both form an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. They are equally important but they write for different reasons. Content writers prime the audience to accept the solutions the copywriters present. They create and aid the awareness of products, services, and solutions that the audience is looking for.

Copywriters close. They convince the audience of the need. They increase their desire for results, remove fears, and facilitates the sale. Copywriters efficiently lead buyers through the sales cycle without ever setting foot in front of a prospect.

Content writers and copywriters work hand-in-hand. Think of them as members of a football team. Content writers are the players who pass the ball to each other, eventually passing to the copywriter who scores the goal.

10 Differences Between Copywriters And Content Writers

So how exactly do copywriters and content writers work together? Here are ten differences between copywriters and content writers that drive the marketing and sales strategy.

1. Creating Awareness vs Driving Attention

Content writers share general newsworthy announcements that let the audience know what's available in the market. Copywriters narrow their focus and direct their attention to a problem they are facing.

2. Introduce New Ideas vs Defining The Solution

Content writers empower readers with general information: Hacks, helpful content, and new ideas for old problems. Copywriters explain how the brand specifically solves the problem of the audience.

3. Generate Interest vs Capture Interest

Content writers start conversations and pique interest about companies, brands, problems, and solutions. Copywriters gather the interested leads to eventually convert them to sales.

4. Informs & Educates vs Persuades

Content writers provide value-driven information with no pressure to act. Their content becomes the go-to, educational resource for the buyer. Copywriters use convincing language. They motivate the lead to take action with the information currently in front of them.

5. Create Affinity vs Trigger Action

Content writers build loyal relationships between audiences and brands by not creating expectations. Copywriters ask for the sale. Then they continuously guide the prospect through a rewarding buying experience.

6. Entertain vs Promote

Content writers engage the audience at their current stage of product awareness and increase their interest in the brand. Copywriters advocate the solution and move leads along the sales cycle until they become paying customers.

7. Support vs Remove The Risk

Content writers create a community of brand enthusiasts by supporting the beliefs and confirming the fears of the audience that a current need exists. Copywriters present a desirable outcome for the current need, driving the audience to take the risk and try, buy or sign up.

8. Comfort vs Push Emotions

Content writers reassure the audience that their needs are genuine and that there are others just like them with the same challenge. Copywriters build the brand's empathy to the consumer, increases consumer optimism, and creates FOMO for anyone still hesitant.

9. Confirm Opinions vs Create Authority

Content writers share information that builds upon various ideas, eventually confirming that the brand or product can solve their problem. Copywriters position the brand's advantages to the top of the current market and demonstrate why they deserve customer loyalty.

10. Court vs Close

Content writers stay visible. They deliver relevant content everywhere the ideal customer is present, to remain top of mind for them. Copywriters convert leads from one stage to another, ultimately leading up to a final transaction.

Can Copywriters And Content Writers Be The Same Person?

Absolutely. Just as companies can have one person responsible for marketing and sales, companies can also hire one person for both jobs. However, content writers are not copywriters and vice versa. You must be cognizant that the output of each function requires different sets of tools and skills.

Copywriters and content writers can also be hired separately. As specialist roles, they can focus on one area of the marketing and sales strategy. Based on your current business needs, you may find that you have continuous work for both. Or, at certain times you may find that you have more jobs for one over the other. So deciding whether to hire one person for both roles, or separately would largely depend on the volume and scope of work required.

Should I Hire A Copywriter Or A Content Writer?

To determine which function will give you the best results for your business, first decide which area of your business needs a hand. Do you need more visibility, do you need more sales, or do you need both? Content writers tell and copywriters sell. Your company will enjoy a successful digital marketing and sales strategy when you hire each to deliver what they do best.

Daniella Wade

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